Animated Lozenge

(Freelancer) #1

Hi to everyone

Here a small kit with 5 animated banners.
Hype only, no further javascript, only rotated groups and keyframes,

    VIEW DEMO  (1.6 MB)

Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer: 9 /10/11
Mobile: Android: firefox, Chrome, Opera / Apple: Chrome, Safari
Partial support for CSS shadow: Internet Explorer 8

Regards *Michelangelo*

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(Greg) #2

Good stuff, thanks Michelagelo

(kerguelen) #3

Lovely, good work ! Thanks !

(René) #4

Looking good! Thanks for sharing.

(Freelancer) #5

Thanks a lot guys, I’m happy that you like my work :slight_smile:
I have more things under the hood. Add-ons for web template in progress