Animated GIF export question


Brain lock here on this one.

I want to create an animated gif from a Hype Document.

5 scenes.
On the last scene I want it to hold for 7 sec before the whole thing recycles and plays again.

If I put a timeline action on 7 sec frame it works perfectly (obviously) before the animated gif export.
Once I export the animated gif recycles the frames so that the final product is 15MB +.

What is the best way to pause that last scene without bloating the final export?



to be honest i do not really understand your question … :slight_smile:
but what about just setting the durationtime on export instead of a timelineaction … it’s editable.

best day :slight_smile:

I am trying to hold on the last scene.
For example…

Scene 1 = .5 sec
Scene 2 = .5 sec
Scene 3 = .5 sec
Scene 4 = .5 sec
Scene 5 = 1.0 sec

I think I got what I need here… (34.4 KB)

You can edit the frame length of GIF images in Photoshop using the Timeline area:

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Thanks, yeah I ended up doing that late yesterday afternoon.
I think I have a pretty solid workflow with Hype and Photoshop now.

I have also decided not to use so many scenes and just focus on timelines in 1 or 2 scenes and that keeps things to a manageable size too.

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