Animated Comic Book for Black Eyed Peas

Dear fellow Hype peeps,

I am extremely excited to share the final project I produced and animated for the Black Eyed Peas. This is an Apple Book, with every page of the comic book being an embedded hype document.

It was an amazing experience working with such a wonderful team, including I did most of the photoshop work and Hype animation myself.

While some pages are simplistic, the original assets were only a printed book and PDF, no layered artwork at all. All art had to be recreated for animation.

Hit me up if you have anything you want to collaborate on.

I can’t really share the source code on this, but can share the final product. Feel free to download the sample since the book does cost money. Thanks!

Apple Store:

Portfolio site with the book description and some video grabs of pages:


Fantastic work! There’s so much animation going on with each page… this must have been quite the mountain to tackle but it adds so much to the comic.

Thank you so much. It was definitely a mountain of work, but had a blast with each and every bit of it. I wish more people would do animated comic books or children’s books. I could do this all day every day! :slight_smile:


By the way, that’s Stan Lee himself on the opening page. Along with Queen Latifah, Rakim, Jamie Foxx, Snoop, etc. Thank you Hype!


That is ultra cool. Stellar work. Thanks for sharing!

Dope work KG!!