Animate the origin

Simply put, I would like the ability to animate the origin (x and y offset). Currently we can rotate objects in x, y, and z space. But we cannot animate the origin.

I tried searching for this feature request so I could add my +1 to it, but do not see anything. It’s hard for me to imagine I am the first person requesting this! If it exists, let me know, and I’ll delete this post.

Thanks for the request, I’ve added this as a +1 on our feature tracker. (You’re not the first, but no reason to delete the post because it may be the only request via the forums!)

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@finedesign In what scenario would this be useful? Reason I ask, I had an instance where when I was animating a polygon object about 1-2 secs which needed Y axis origin to be transformed to 57%-59% instead of the the default value 50% to get it to look like it was animating somewhat centered. Now if Z was available I think it would fix this problem but Im unsure @jonathan?

Two shown side by side Hype Beta 4 614 (10.5 KB)

A planar (2d) transform origin is probably good enough for coverflow given Hype’s current lack of modifying z-depth. If Hype did go full 3D then I’d definitely want to add a transform origin field for the Z value.

Any “tumbling” style animations would benefit by an adjustable origin.

(The issue you hit in the beta is just that the shape is off centered within the element bounds; changing the y offset as you did is a good workaround)

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