Animate one element and hide others

Hi there,
I’m not able to get this behaviour: when I click I’d like to see ONE square moving AND the other disappears. So when I clic the second time ONE item is moving AND the other is disappearing. The idea is that I have some items out of the scene that are moving into the scene ONE at a time and that the previous item leaves the scene when the new is coming. Thank you!

(I’ve moved this from the Randomizing animations topic since it doesn’t look like it has to do with randomization)

It’d be useful to see the a zip of the .hype document you are working with and get more details on what you want to do… Typically this is just a standard animation task where you would create keyframes for the movement and other keyframes on elements to change the opacity. If it is part of a scene transition, you could run it on the On Scene Unload action.

More advanced techniques may make use of Relative Timelines. Basically you’d make a “reset” timeline that has keyframes to reset everything to a 0% opacity state. Your action would run this timeline first, and then run another timeline that ensures proper opacity and makes the movement… but it is unclear if this is the proper solution for what you’re trying to achieve.