Animate clock not in real-time

Hi there, sorry for the question.

I need help to make an animation of a clock, not in real-time, but an animation coherent between the arms (seconds, minutes, and hours).

For example, a clock on the wall that rotates independently with the real-time.

I tried to search in the forum but I find topics about a real clock.

Sorry and thanks

You could animate one hand like the hour and make the other animate in relation…

The math would be 12h on a round clock :alarm_clock: :
One 360 degree revolution of the hour hand would be 12*360 degrees for the minute hand.

This leads to angleOfMinuteHand = angleOfHourHand / 360 * 12 * 360

Simplifies to angleOfMinuteHand = angleOfHourHand * 12

Either do that animation by hand by entering the values or use an mutation observer on the hour hand and some script.

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OMG that's right Thanks :grinning: