Animate Button Brightness

Hello All.
I have been trying to animate the brightness of a button… to make it warm and glow sort of thing.

My thought is to put it on it’s own timeline, but I can’t seem to make that work. I can make it work on the main timeline… set the brightness from 100% to 120% over 1 second and loop. But this effects other things on the main time line, so I think on it’s own may be the answer.

When I try it on it’s own timeline exactly as above, the properties of the button on the main timeline seem to over ride no matter how I se them. I am curious if that is something that can not be done because of the nature of the brightness effect or something?

Thanks for any help.

How are you calling the individual animation? (the one on it’s own)

And how is it affecting the other things on the main timeline?


The way to do this is how you suggest; make a secondary timeline that has the glowing loop and then kick that off using either a timeline action on the main timeline or an on scene load handler (preferred due to higher visibility).

I’d have to take a look at your specific document, but one thing to be aware of is the concept of “timeline ownership of properties.” Basically if you have two timelines that animate the same property on an element, the last timeline will “win” and be the one allowed to touch those properties. This makes sure that there’s not a lot of ping-pong effects in values while animating. So my guess would be you have an animation of the brightness property on a different timeline (likely the main timeline) that is taking control over your secondary timeline. I’d check your element and remove any keyframes you may find.

If that’s not the case, feel free to share a zip of your document.

Thanks Jonathan.
I have tried a few different variations… I think it must have something to do with animation on both timelines.

I have zipped attached. Thanks for taking a look.

(Thanks DB for your comments as well) (813.1 KB)


You should be able to click the first glowing button and bring up the second timeline text. But as you will see, it is ruled by the main timeline.

forgive me but I don’t see any “glowing” button.

Is it the green “Buttons” element?

Also, I see no properties being animated in any of the timelines. Only actions in the “Timeline Actions” timeline.

And, which elements are the “second timeline text”?

*Edit ok now I see them. Jonathan’s solution below is appropriate.


They were the “select” elements that were animating.

I cut the animations from the main timeline and pasted them onto the elements in the “Active Team Base” timeline. Then I put a timeline action on the main timeline to run the “Active Team Base” timeline. The brightness animations in this case still work for me, and you should be able to animate on the main timeline without interfering with their animations. (780.5 KB)

Thank You.
I have tried this with other scenes… it is the bit I needed.
Cheers :slight_smile: