Angled animation of hype widget for ibooks in iBA

Steps I took to create a simple animation in Hype 3 and export as an iBA widget:
Pasted 2 pics in iBA. I could have pasted them in Hype directly, but I had them in iBA already, so I copied from there and pasted in hype. I intend to use them as elements.
I kept 1 picture (element) stationary and the other picture (element) was moved vertically down (drop) with “bounce” effect.
Recorded this animation. Played perfectly well in hype.
Exported as iBA widget and inserted in my iBook in iBA.
I previewed the animation (iBook) on Macbook and on iPAD. Failed on both.
Issue: the 2nd element which moved vertically down in Hype, moved down, but to the right about 45deg.
Question 1: What am I doing wrong?
Question 2: Are the animations only for elements created in hype?
Question 3: How to replay (not loop) this animation in iBooks - it only plays once and nothing happens when I try to play it again by touching the widget…how to replay?

Sorry for the long question, tried to insert as much detail as possible to avoid going back and forth.

Does your problem look like the problem mentioned here…

I had trouble getting the widgets to work as expected in “A Book About Hype”, which is an ePub made with iBooks Author. The problem was resolved by using a fixed width. It seems that Apple isn’t ready yet for responsive widgets.

I’m pretty sure Hype animation works in iBooks. I used it for my book about Stencyl.

Michael, thanks for your response. I am not sure what you mean by fixed width - the width of the my scene in Hype is set to 200X230. Can you explain?

Also, the widget resizes itself to a smaller rectangle and plays this weird angled animation!


There's a "Scale" option. If the two boxes are unchecked, the Hype project will maintain the width and height. If either of those options are checked, you might have problems with the widget in iBooks.

Michael, thanks again. I don’t have the boxes checked! Just to see what happens, now I tried it out with the boxes checked and the result was same.


Can you post a similar or exact document? So that we can try to replicate and see what the problem might be.

I reproduced as much as I could from your first post and it worked fine for me.

By the way, an answer to your

If you place a button or another element (maybe you could use your stationary one) and put a 'mouse click' action that starts the timeline. Then you could use this to replay the animation. You could even place an invisible element over the whole screen and do the same with this making the whole screen a replay button.


This is the widget I produced (179.3 KB)


DBear and Michael. sorry for the late response. Could not get back to my book last week.

However, the good news is that I figured out how the animation was getting messed up; but not why! There were two timelines, Main one and the one that I added. Although, there were no key frames on the Main timeline the starting positions of the objects were incorrect. When I export into widget for iBooks, insert into my iBook, and play the preview - widget was first trying to play the Main timeline, so all the objects would go to their ‘incorrect’ origins and the next time line would play.

So, I copied the correct animation into another file, into its Main timeline - the angled relocation went away. Happy about that. But 1 issue still remained - when I first click on the button that DBear suggested, there is a delay in the animation - it happens only the first time. The second time, I click on the button, there is no delay. Any suggestion?

Again, sorry for the delay in getting back to you folks.

Uploading a document would help as we can only guess as to what is happening. But it would make it a lot quicker with a document.