Android, Web, & iOS app made fully with Hype Pro - show case

Hi Hype users.
Please find attached a link to an app made completely with Hype Pro, including a menu system which mimics the newest Apple menu bar.
The app is fully responsive, so it works nicely on a web browser, an iPad, iPhone, or any size Android device (in a web browser).
This is just a little something for the Animation Gallery. Hope you like it.

iOS download:

Android/Web access:

Please let me know what you think :slight_smile:
Kind regards,


Pretty nifty, the menu animation works really well. A couple of things I noticed:

  • I was expecting to be able to click on the icons on the main page
  • The demo button isn’t visible by default on an iPhone 6/6s/7 since it is obscured by the toolbar

Thanks Jonathan, for your feedback.
The reason I didn’t make the icons clickable, is that the amount of scroll screens would be just a little too much.
I’ll make some changes and repost.


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