Android phones preset scene sizes

i wish there are some more presets for android phones.
i know there are too many kinds but just some for famous ones? would be great.

I had trouble finding the most popular resolutions – what resolutions do you recommend?

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look at this chart that i did for a while. Maybe it’s not up to date but a good starting point.

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I have the same question. I’m having a lot of problems getting my Hype page to look right on my Galaxy S6. Hype is great, but I’m getting frustrated working with Android.

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This might be of use?

PS: I’m new to Hype (have just bought Pro 3.5) and am absolutely loving it. It’s really great to work with. The addition of some Android presets, if poss, would turn ‘great’ into ‘awesome’! :grinning:


What android presets would you like to see?

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Ooooo, how fab… well, my base wish list would be Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6.

Obviously it’s not a biggie for me to create bespoke layouts from within each project, but it would be absolutely brilliant if there were either some Android presets baked into Hype, or if there was a way to create and add presets (that were then persistently available via the preset menu) myself.

Many thanks for your time. It’s genuinely appreciated :grinning:

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