Anchors with horizontal slide effects

Hi folks,

I’m working on an app project in which I’d like to have a horizontal slide effect on a very large picture.

So I put it in a group which quite gives the result I’m looking for. The trouble is that as the image is very large, I’d like to give the user the ability to navigate to certain points of this image in order to have a direct access to these (I sincerely hop I’m very clear :slight_smile: )

I made a small sample in order to be understandable. The aim is to have a link to point A and point B on the large picture.

I hope you’ll be able to help as this project is really important. Here’s the file (1.3 MB)

Thank you!


You have a couple different options here:

  1. You could link the drag of the element to a timeline, which would allow you to jump to a specific point in a timeline to represent a certain peak. In the attached document, you can use the ‘go to timeline’ mouse click action to quickly get to a point in time: (773.6 KB)
  2. You could map the position of the panorama to different positions using the [hypeDocument.setElementProperty](, propertyName, value, optionalDuration, optionalTimingFunctionName) property. So you could immediately set that element’s ‘left’ value to be -200px by setting this: hypeDocument.setElementProperty('elementID', left, -200) (First, set an unique element ID for your panorama in the Identity Inspector.

Good morning, Daniel,

Your ideas seem excellent and I think the second one could allow me to trigger the action from another scene, which could be very useful for the project. I’ll try these and will come back asap!