An interactive site to understand scientific articles

Hi there, I just want to present to you my first interactive project, a site to learn how a scientific article is structured (in the example a clinical trial). It is the first part of a series I would like to craft, all around reading and understanding scientific articles. It’s in german, but you will get the idea of watching the “real paper” and looking for the parts, which will be explained, if you “mouse over” this part to pop up a yellow sticker.
(this is the starting page with some explanations), you have to click on the yellow button “direkt zum Fachartikel” at the right.

I am not a coder, I know only the basics of html, so Hype is the perfect tool for someone like me. I’m a science and health journalist. Hope you like it.

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Marcus, it’s exciting to be able to create things without code, isn’t it? :smile:

You have some nice interactivity.

A suggestion might be to center the title on the first page over all the content, as you’ve done on a subsequent page…


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Ich mag es. Keep it up.

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