An appeal for more robust easing functionality

The Hype easing tool is pretty great. After working with it for years now, I have thoughts on how I think it can become more efficient and user-friendly. It’s possible that I fiddle with easing more than the average person, but some of these desires cross my mind each time.


• Allow the easing screen to stay visible until it’s manually closed. This window often closes on me because I happen to click outside of it when trying to resize it. It also gets killed with any focus change to a different window (like looking at an easing curve I want to mimic), which bums me out.

• Allow the easing screen to remain at the size I used it last. I need to use a larger easing curve than the 200px default. Each time I tweak a curve, then preview the animation, then return to tweak some more, I have to enlarge the screen again.

• Maintain a history of easing modifications. When I’m finessing an easing curve, sometimes I tweak things further than they ought to be and I realize what I had 3 versions ago was best. Too bad for me.

• Extend the grid lines beyond the X/Y axis, for more precise custom back and elastic easing. Something along these lines.

• Have the ability to pull in or link to a library of custom easings. I reuse custom easings and although we can copy/paste an element from one document to another, it’s a workaround move. I often waste time searching for which old Hype doc I used it in, too.

• Have the ability to plug in cubic-bezier easing numbers. I’ve found myself wanting to mimic specific CSS easings without the ability to do so quickly.

• Add the option to continue showing the standard curve that was used to start the custom curve. It’s not uncommon for me to want an easing that is similar to a standard one, but with a slight tweak. Once I’ve manipulated my curve, I can’t compare it to the one I started from. A visual hint of that original curve remaining would be cool. Something along these lines.

I’ve mentioned a couple of these requests in an old post. Just figured I’d make a nice organized list of ‘em all. I’d pay $ for these features to be added. :money_mouth_face:


Thanks for the detailed requests along with the mockups. I especially like the idea of seeing the basis timing function when making a custom one; that would be pretty novel and useful!

These have been filed on our tracker. Thanks!

I appreciate the consideration! :+1:

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I was thinking, a couple of these desires would be addressed or a moot point if the easing window just opened at a larger default size. Is there a beneficial reason to keep any of the workspace visible while messing with easing? I can't think of any but maybe there is? Just thinking... :grinning:

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There's no reason! I think we must have just been lazy programmers or something :slight_smile:. This is on our bug tracker. Thank you.

:rofl: Yeah, right! Well, that's great, I look forward to having a super sized easing window! Thanks, @jonathan

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