AMPHTML Banner creation

Hi guys,

first of all, thank you for your great tool. In my opinion, you achieved to produce something, that helped, to make the life of designer much easier =)

I would like to create new AMPHTML Banner for Google, unfortunately its not possible with Hype4.
Is it possible to get an exportscript for this issue or another solution?

Best regards!


This should maybe be a feature request and personally its good one. Im reading up on this now.

After reading the AMPHTML code requirements this would be an Ideal time for our esteemed Team Tumult guru @Daniel ? to code a new AMPHTML python export script for Hype 4?

Thanks for the request. Hype-based animations are heavily driven by JavaScript, which couldn’t be executed in AMPHTML ads. We’ve been wanting to explore what it would look like to be pare down Hype’s feature sets for more restricted formats though.

Interesting, seams like you can only use regular CSS animations, but these are pretty powerful. Google Web designer seams to have support for this format if you’re in a hurry or urgently need to full fill a project with these demands.

Sorry, answered to the wrong post @Arisko