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Hi, we have been building Display Banners that run on Google Adwords for years using Hype, but recently have run into an issue.

We are being asked to build our banners as AMPHTML files.

I have found this information online.

Does anyone know if we can build AMPHTML creative using Hype?

Thanks for any advice - Brett

Interesting question.

AMP it’s not a W3C standard, is a development by Google and, in some parts, left to community.
The main difference are the HTML tags and attributes that differ a little from standard.

I think you can develop a banner normally with Hype, since the animation is in a JS file, then export and open the HTML file and change the structure. The problem here, is how it will affect to the JS file those changes.

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My friend’s husband is the tech lead for the AMP-Project and they are pushing their product well within the Google world. So there is no turning back.

One solution would be to start working with Google’s Web Designer. Another fine push from Google to force us into their seat. But one could learn and cheat from there templates to create a hype export script in Python to exchange the parts that need to be AMP.

All in all, let’s see what the Hype Team has planned.

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AMPHTML ads are highly restrictive in what they allow, including the JavaScript runtime that drives Hype-exported HTML animations. There isn’t an easy way to convert or modify Hype’s output to work with it at this time.

Hype was built with the intention to not limit creative expression and utilize as much of the web stack as possible; this is against the ethos of AMP. Clearly Hype would be great at building these types of ads, but it would require thoughtful design to figure out how to restrict Hype’s UI to the subset of AMP features and also some amount of work to export in the AMPHTML ad format.

We often also have requests to produce simplified CSS Animations+HTML only export and this is along the same lines. It would be an interesting problem to tackle!


Thanks Gerard, Dennis & Jonathan for you replies and advice.

We had to resort to building a set of display banners in GWD, however yes there are so many limitations.

Once again thanks - Cheers Brett

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