Amazing possibilities with CSS3 n light java Sykes the limits

(Jonathan Luna) #1

I was doing a little digging around to get some ideas how to get the best performance with creating a parallax site with full frame videos that load just prior to being scroll (load from at previous timeline pause) to and to play on scroll… and i came across some AMAZING STUFF… id love to see hype become more css friendly and dependent and to see controls for 3d translations would be huge… Ive already been doing some pretty interesting things but having too many instances of a symbol on a scene weight down heavy on my computers performance and I’m guessing that due to how much power it is to run the java. and I’m assuming css would be more process friendly

create a 3d css3 dynamic animated clouds and explosions!!

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and for more awesome examples check out


Much is possible… …but I think Hype is mainly for simple 2D projects right now.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

Thanks for sending those along! Hype’s 3D rotations are pretty minor but CSS does allow for quite a bit of 3D compositing so I agree it’d be awesome to beef these up.