Allow text selection (Stuck off)

Have had the habit of ticking this off for a while.
Got a request recently to make some texts selectable, to be able to copy them etc. Reasonable, it is… for ‘the web’ :slight_smile:

Seems to be like this now:
Create a new Hype text element, add some text… hit test and try it in Safari, Chrome, Firefox – just works.

Uncheck ‘Allow text selection’… test again… = not selectable (ALL FINE)

Then back again to ‘Allow text selection’…

Can’t make text selection possible again for that element.

A bug? Or just me tired?…


Hmm… I get the same. Looks like a bug to me.

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Yes, feels lika a bug.
Tested a bit more. Lets say a text element is within a group… with a group… and so on.

And the ‘Allow text selection’ has been ticked off for the group/div elements… see no other reasonable way out, other than create that structure from scratch again, with the default settings, not touch it.

Might work to add a CSS class somehow for the construct and add external CSS with overrides, as a ‘hack’. Unsure if it is the ‘pointer-events:none’ or something like ‘user-select’ that would be the fix…

Anyway… don’t want to experiment with this anymore.

Definitely a bug; thank you for the report. We’re aiming to get this fixed in the next release.


Oh wow, I was just hitting this issue. That’s when I went searching. The text isn’t selectable easily. If I try to select a word, such as double-clicking it specifically, it doesn’t work. To highlight the text, I have to select from way outside the box and drag way to the other side.

And yeah, I noticed that re-enabling the “allow text selection” (user-select) option wasn’t having the intended results. That’s when I found this thread. I was expecting it to be from years ago. Nope, it’s only a few weeks old.

It has been fixed for the upcoming 4.0.4.