Align suggestions

(Freelancer) #1

A very nice and easy feature would be to add align in the menu so you don’t have to right klick every time.

See picture. in link :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Thanks for the request!

(Bob) #4

Yeah, I can’t believe this isn’t a thing yet. :frowning:

(Ken Heins) #5

by any chance is that from the Sparkle web app? Looks familiar

(Freelancer) #6

Indesign :slight_smile:

(Federico G. Manisco) #7

As requested by the opener. If you had the chance to make something similar to Sketch (and as flexible) it would be awesome.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #8

Do note that these are all available in the Arrange > Distribute, Align, and Size menus as well as context-clicking on selected elements. It is only UI buttons that are missing.

(Ken Heins) #9

Obviously I didnt look carefully enough at the align/distribute group!

(Pat Campbell) #10

Alignment icons would be a nice little addition to the toolbar.