Ajax erratic conduct

I’m working on a complete site requiring to get data from a server (FileMaker Server 15). On the last series of testing, after moving the main site on the same server as the database, errors related to a couple Ajax started.
[Error] Failed to load resource: The URL can’t be shown (MyPHPfile.php, line 0)
One shot it work, the shot after giving a series of error; mostly with Safari (11.0.1 (12…)). Work better with Chrome but still with error as well as Firefox and less error with Opera (…).
I use plain JavaScript for my XMLHttpRequest (no jQuery).
I can’t find a solid clue where to look to make that work again; I’ve been searching and reading for the past couple days and couldn’t find any solid path to follow.AJAXeratic.zip (1.0 KB)

I am not sure this is a Hype issue. The error clearly states the problem is with the PHP file and an url of some kind not being loaded.

My only suggestion with the little info posted here, is that you check the PHP file and make sure it’s response is correct and ready by the time it is time to load…

First, thank you for such fast return.

I’m happy to learn that you think it is not a Hype issue.
(and my Ajax pure javascript appear to be OK)

This morning, it been found out that everything work fine… while the browser (Safari, Chrome) is in “Private Mode”!

So, my PHPs code seem to be OK, if it work while private.

I’ll investigate toward the Certificate; keep you posted.

Thank you again! (Your answer gives me a super boost!)

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