AirPlay video playback broken

This is an odd one.

In two scenarios , video file dropped on to scene or video via element innerHTML.

When video file dropped on to scene , airplay does not work. In the It basically tells me the AirPlay helper stalled. And the removes the video from it’s queue.

AirPlayXPCHelper[117]: 2016-02-06 11:39:31.011693 AM [APTransportConnectionHTTP] Connection stalled for 2.098499 seconds

AirPlayXPCHelper[117]: 2016-02-06 11:39:31.101884 AM [APEndpointPlaybackSessionAirPlay] [0x51B4] RemovePlayQueueItem ‘5A094AA9-4E3C-4DF2-9107-274D6D3151AD’

AirPlayXPCHelper[117]: 2016-02-06 11:39:31.109918 AM [APTransportConnectionHTTP] Connection no longer stalled

AirPlayXPCHelper[117]: 2016-02-06 11:39:31.305033 AM [APSenderSessionAirPlay] Disconnecting from “_atv”

Heres a full transcript (3.8 KB) of one of the failures

If I try a video via element innerHTML and the video is referenced from the resource folder, I get the same thing.
But if I referenced the video from “” source it works.

Anyone got a clue on this or sees the same behaviour.


I hav narrowed the problem down. It is definitely any video that is playing from the resource folder that will not play on AirPlay.

In Either method of getting a video on a scene, if it is external to the resource folder Airplay will work.
So for video via element innerHTML if the src is "./Shakira.mp4" Airplay works.

@jonathan is this a known problem ?

Grr… figured it out I think,

It’s not a bug.

I was previewing the Project. When doing this the videos play as expected. So naturally I would expect Airplay to work. Especially as the AirPlay button shows up.

But no there must be a cross domain issue from the Hype Preview server or something like that ( which thinking about it makes sense )

But Any way once exported that all work ok…