After copying scenes, scene thumbnails not regenerated

Hello! I copied scenes from one hype file into another and for some reason the scenes don’t display an image. Where it is blank there should be a photograph. How do I correct this? It makes it hard to work on the project without the images in the scenes on the left!

Thank you!!

Have you tried going into the scenes them selfs and let Hype generate a scene thumbnail that way?

As for hard to work with without those thumbnails… Naming your scene anything else but “Untitled Scene X” will help tons. Trust me, in that last case I know what I’m talking about. :blush:

Going into a scene and making a small movement of any element will regenerate the thumbnail.

Hi all!

Actually, I get all thumbnails white once a video is present on the page… (all pages in this doc have a video below everything, all thumnails white. It doesn’t matter what you move / edit…)

Didn’t happen in previous versions (updated from 3.5.something to 3.6.3 just the other day)

Then, the ones that don’t have video don’t show this issue:

There are some odd cases when thumbnails aren’t generated correctly that we’re looking into (I PMd/requested your document).

I’ve experienced the same issue (Hype 3.63)

Thanks for the report; there’s a few root causes we’ve identified and are looking to fix.

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Any update on this yet? Thanks!

No updates at this time; thanks for checking in :slight_smile:.

Any new developments on this issue? Version 4? :grin: Thanks!

No updates at this time, but the issue is currently slated for v4. However we can’t make engineering promises as there are always plenty of unknowns or other factors that may get in the way of a fix.

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Has there been any word of when version 4 will be out? Sorry to bug. Thanks!

Oops. Here is the answer. When will hype 4.0 come?

I’m currently experiencing this issue, was there a fix?

I believe this was actually addressed in v3.6.8 (and thus also v4.0.0), though requires macOS 10.14 or later. If you are on a previous release of either, I would recommend upgrading.

But if you are on Hype 3.6.8+ and macOS 10.14+, would you mind attaching a zip of your .hype document with the steps you are using that can reproduce the scene thumbnails not showing up? Thanks!

managed to fix by Double clicking each scene, working fine now.

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