After adapting the EPUB to iBook the animation don't resize

I been using Hype to build the animations with indesign, everything was allright until i had to make the adaptation to iBook (yes, thanks to this forum i did it) but after i made the changes in the code all the animations lost their size properties. I been trying to identify in the code where to adapt them but i’m not that skilled, if anyone can help me i’d be really grateful.

I’m leaving here a sample with one animation where i run my tests.

Thanks for your time.

It looks like you’re using the HTML widget export flow to use in your Pub – I recommend using the standard File > Export as HTML method to generate your HTML + resources folder. This way, it won’t think you are placing your Tumult Hype document within an iBook widget. Your current example includes some iBooks-only code which causes an error if it is not loaded in iBooks. It is looking for AppleWidgets.js (an Apple iBooks-only embedded JS file).

Can you let me know what device you’re testing this in and perhaps send screenshots of the issue you’re seeing?

Daniel, i been working on this but there is no help, this is how it looks before the adaptation to iPad

and after i make the adaptation gets like this

i’m really frustrated with this because i’ve been changing everything and nothing works and i’m not that skilled :C it’s my first job with epub, if someone can help me i would be really really gratefull.

Thank you all for your time!

Here is the code w/o changes and the after one