Adwords/Google ads Again Sorry

I've read all categories marked with this, haven't found answer yet. The banner I have built is being rejected by google.

No fonts used all svg's and jpegs.


Relative asset check


You can only reference files found in your uploaded .ZIP file, and the file listed above is not found there. To continue, remove any references in your HTML file to assets found outside of the .ZIP file.

The asset listed in the error message cannot be found in your .ZIP file. You will also need to remove any references to that file. The only allowed external references are the following:

  • Google Fonts
  • Google-hosted jQuery

More details:

Is there are CDN allowed be google yet.
One that functions the same as the hype version

Or a way to force HYPE-736.full.min.js to just be HYPE-736.thin.min.js
Would save me 40k and would nearly be at 150k file size.
Please Help - I've run out of ideas.

Banner preview

One option is to include the full Hype runtime inline like this: (43.9 KB). I used this basic workflow: Question for exporting an ad for website (Inlining all JavaScript in one file) - Single HTML page

-- Google (on most ad platforms they run) does not allow custom CDNs.

Here's how to avoid the Full JS file: Banner ad file optimization: What are full.min.js and thin.min.js for?

Is there a hard limit of 150k? It looks like the actual size is 409KB, and the transfered size (with gzip) is 210KB.

Hey Daniel, Thx for feedback so quickly. 150k is zipped is the limit. So that bits OK. Google ADs making this very hard to create good interesting content. DCM is fine, I can build using Hype CDN and call in images as well, never an issue. Love Hype still, great product. Maybe forced to use Google Wed Designer for this one unfortunately.

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