Adwords banners rejected for 4th party call

(Evan) #1

I got a set of ads disapproved for using the Tumult external runtime URL (invalid 4th party call):

Could Tumult get on this list somehow?

I can include the JS for now, but in larger ads, I wont have the file size to be able to include it.

Any other ways around it?


(Rick) #2

You’re not supposed to use the runtime directly from the Tumult servers. Read more here:

(Evan) #3

Oh wow! Oops.

OK so I’d have to use a CDN that adwords officially supports

Anyone else doing this?

(Nathan) #4

Sizmek offers a CDN that is whitelisted by Google, but only for Doubleclick, NOT Adwords. Try this:

Where ### matches your version number

(Evan) #5

This is awesome… except I get a non https:// error when checking on DC ad checker. And it doesnt look like there is a secure version of that script?

(Evan) #6

Oh, found the secure version here: Best solution for approved CDN for DoubleClick HYPE-538.thin.min.js