Advice on 3d spin software to use in Hype presentation

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I am about to start a huge job in hype that will be a stand-alone, off and online presentation for a big client. One of the things they want will be those spin-round 3d things with hotspots that link to more information. Years ago I used to make these in 'Object2vr', which is an app that allows you to add a bunch of stills from a spin-round animation that then gets controlled by the cursor. The only problem is, I last used it in 2016 and I have don't believe it's been updated since then so I have no idea if it will work on mobiles etc.

Can anybody recommend another software that can do this that works will with hype (with minimum programming as I'm no programmer!) and that will work offline if required but that will also run online on desktop and mobile in various browsers? i.e. it must be responsive.
Alternatively perhaps just controlling an mp4 of the spin with a timeline is the way to go? I don't necessarily need to import and control 3d objects as they won't look as good as a render.

Sorry if this is basic stuff for you guy's but I haven't used Hype in a very long time and I'm not sure just how much it can do natively these days.

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Edit: I've just remembered 'Sprite Sheets'.. Could I do this with them do you think? Can they be controlled by the cursor/finger to rotate an object by playing through the sprites. Then could I add hotspots over the top... Ah, no, that wouldn't work as the hotspots wouldn't rotate with the object... Ho Hum..

That's the problem. I've been wanting to make a randomizer widget... basically spinning dice ...and I'm like, this is not easy. The closest I could think of to get it done was... ...but that's definitely coding.

I considered something similar. What if I just pre-rendered the dice, but that's an insane amount images and it wouldn't look as cool.

Although, for your project, do you have to rotate the object in all directions, or just rotate something like the "Y" axis? Because you can distinguish between a tap/click and a drag. One could be for hotspots, the other for rotating the object.

If it's a local project, or transferring a lot of issues isn't a limitation, it seems like it could be done with a lot of images. But here's some quick math. Let's say you want to rotate Y & Z... and to make it somewhat smooth... it's a picture every 10° ...that's 36 x 36 images... 1296 images. :scream_cat:

Thanks! Yep, That's a lot of images. Probably too many although if it's still smaller than the 3d file with textures then that's ok I guess. threejs looks cool and I could probably work out the code to insert it by looking at examples. (I can do a little bit of coding). I wonder if it will work offline though... I'll have to have a look.

Thanks anyway. I'll keep searching as lots of sites have these rotating things so there muct be good solutions out there...


It should. I'm thinking it's just a matter of adding the library to the project Widgets works offline (mostly), which is why I was considering three.js. I didn't look at it very closely though.

Maybe something like this... Object2VR - Garden Gnome ...but that looks like it goes back to the image idea. I was thinking that three.js was the best for this kind of thing, but maybe there are alternatives...

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Ha! That's the one I mentioned in my question that I was using years ago. I think I'll go with it as it worked well before and I can run it in a fullpage iframe which should be responsive in Hype.

Many thanks.

Heh, I didn't make the connection. I remembered Garden Gnome software from Pano2VR, but these days I use Pannellum for panoramas.

The Empire State Building example worked on my iPad. :man_shrugging:t2:

It could be built in Hype too. If you're going with 30° increments, that's only 12 x 12 images... 144 images... :crazy_face: ...but that would involve programming, if you want to do it dynamically.

Although, theoretically, Hype can drag to control timelines. I suppose you could have 12 elements for dragging up and down. Then, left and right would change the background image of those elements. When dragging up and down, the timeline shows one of the 12 elements and then hides the other 11. When dragging right and left, the background image changes. Super tedious, but that could work. I don't know if there are any licensing issues with this technique though. I like Garden Gnome software. I'm not trying to clone their products.

I haven't actually used Object2VR to make things. I just know Hype. Flipping through a series of images with a horizontal slider is easy. So, I imagined... how would I do it if I needed two directions? Picturing it in my head, it seemed like it wouldn't work. Then I realized that I just needed to split things up.

If you already have Object2VR, it looks like your problem is solved. It says HTML5 support on the website. I think I'm going to add learning three.js to my list of things to do though. That's how I'd solve this problem.

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Cool. I'm hoping to only need horizontal spin and not up and down too so that will save on images.
I too love Garden Gnome. I've been using Pano2VR for years and love it. I don't know pannellum as I've not had any need to look elsewhere before.
I'm hoping to retire before too long, probably soon after this big job so I can't be bothered to learn new software just for one job.... Object2VR it is.


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Update: Removed my suggestion as it seemed off-topic after closer inspection. (was
What I found very impressive was the new "Object capture" presented at WWDC2021.