Advanced Export now exporting all assets instead of just one scene?

I've been using hype for years building banners. I build all banners in one file using scenes. Lately I have had two files that export all the assets for each scene, rather than just the assets for a single scene.

You can see here I only have the 640x360 selected, but it exports files for the 300x250-2 as well. These 300x250 files are not used at all in the 640x360 scene.

Im using Hype 4.1.8 (740) Pro

Any help appreciated.. Im currently exporting, then manually removing all the extra images every time I export.

The app is detecting that it thinks they are being used which is why they are checked, but it would be hard to say why without seeing the actual .hype document. Is it possible for you to attach a .zip of your .hype document?

Also if you have an older/working version (even like a time machine backup) that has it doing what you expect that may be good to compare against.

thanks Jonathan. Is there a private way I can send you the hype file?


Sure - email support at tumult dot com; if the file is large feel free to use a link to a sharing service (dropbox, icloud, wetransfer, etc.). Just make sure to mention this forum post/me so we can continue there. Thanks!