Advanced export for iBooks widgets?

Is there a way to export slices as HTML5 > iBooks Author Widget? It seems I can only export the entire project in that format. If I want to export a slice, I can’t seem to do that as an iBooks Author widget.

I even tried exporting a slice and then taking the exported widget assets and cobbling together a wdgt file but it didn’t function.

Unfortunately not, since the widget export process includes the entire document. You’ll need to split up your different widgets into different Hype documents.

yeah thought so. Thanks for confirming that anyway.

It is a good request though; Export Scripts can be applied to the advanced export slices, and this isn’t fundamentally different. It is on the tracker!

An export script would work better but note you can in theory do the slice and then add a .plist file with the correct details and png’s.

I did do a quick test and it seemed to work. But this is not really a solution especially if you have a lot of widgets to do.