Advanced Export - always creates enclosing folder

I’m trying to understand how I can get advanced export to behave just like the normal export in terms of enclosed folders.

If I do a normal export and choose not to “Create Enclosing Folder” then in the directory I choose I will just get the following folder - save_name.hyperesources

If I try to do the same with advanced exports I always get an extra level of folder, like this:

I’m having to manually move the folder slice_name.hyperesources up one level after every advanced export. The other option is to include the full path into my document but there’s another issue with doing it that way.

Every time I try to export it asks for a “Save As:” value, this is what I’ve shown as save_name. I’m working with other people who regularly give me hype documents named “Hype_Steve_20200701.hype”. So every time I want to save to test my work on the HTML page I have to type in the correct name the HTML expects every time.

Would it be possible to change the behaviour so slice_name is used by the advanced export instead of it asking for a save_name every time? Obviously this would need to be an option to not break how it works now for people, but something near “Create Enclosing Folder” like “Save as Slice Name”.

That way my flow would just be - press shortcut for advanced export, press return. This would give me:

Right now Advanced Export always requires writing a top-level folder. Slices have their own names which are independent to the file save name, and due to macOS security restrictions we cannot write files to a different path than what is given by the save name.

I can think of some scenarios where we could streamline a single-slice export but it will add some level of complexity - we could either allow slices to have some sort of magic ${filename} label or introduce an option somewhere. I’ve also thought about Hype Professional having an “Advanced” button on the regular export to let you configure the slice options.

Perhaps a workaround for you at this moment would be to create an Automator folder action that can just do a move?

Thanks, hadn’t thought about it being a security issue. I’ll figure something out.

Actually, I’ve already figured it out, I use gulp to watch other folders for changes, I’ll just set it up to take care of this as well.

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