Advance Symbol Template Export


At the moment if I have a symbol that I want to export as a Template, some of the functions will not be exported if I am only calling them from another function and not from the inspector or timelines.

There are occasions when you need to call functions only from another function. A lot of the time this is to do with timings of when something has been defined and if for example a function is loaded on scene load too soon you will run into problems. One of the ways around this is to call the functionA after you get the definitions.

So in functionB get your definitions and use functionB to call functionA

Generally you only have this problem when everything is first loading.

So to save having to for example:
Create a dummy timeline
add a pause timeline action.
add another timeline actions after the pause action to run the javascript functions. ( which will never be called but will force the functions to be exported)

Can we have an advanced export so we can include functions and any other resources that otherwise would not get exported.

Hi @jonathan,

Do you think we will get this functionality ?


Thanks for the request - I definitely see the need and it is in our feature tracker.
(but as you know I don’t make release date promises!)

I do … :smiley: