Ads size limited to 150kb

I'm a new here. I would like to ask what about the add for axelspringer that is limited to 150kb. I have files from hype that have 93KB and 96kb. Is there an option to limit that file size?

To compare that all files generated by google web designer have only 48kb

Mostly the runtime is not counted as long as it is from a whitelisted CDN… but there are people more knowledgeable doing ads all day long in this forum.

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It depends what Ad network you're using. But for example if you're using GDN then you can only use Google hosted CDN's, in which unfortunately Hype is not hosted.

But if you refrain from elements such as physics or Hype vectors, then it will export the ad with the thin runtime which is only 57 kb, compared the the full runtime which is 93kb. (Excluding the index and the images of course).


It depends if you're using Hype features that require the "full" version of the runtime.

Here's an example of an export of a blank "untitled" Hype document. There's nothing in it, just exported straight from a new project…

There's the big runtime that you mentioned. Plus, the "thin" version is also included. There's also Internet Explorer related files.

So, here's an Advanced export…

I dropped the support for Internet Explorer, unchecked the restorable document file option, and I used the inline option. It exported like this…

The "thin" runtime was used instead.

So, similar to @BannerMan man just wrote, Physics could make a Hype project much larger.

To keep file sizes down, I use vector images… manually added with SVG …or I shrink them down in size with ImageOptim… ImageOptim — better Save for Web