Adobe tracking messes up with Hype

We noticed that the inclusion of an Adobe Dynamic Tag Management seems to interfere with the normal working of Hype.
In attachement, we give a very simple example of a slideshow that doesn’t work as expected : pressing left and right buttons to move through the timeline leads to erratic results.
As soon as you remove the Adobe DTM code in the header, everything comes back to normal.
Have you already noticed this behavior ? Is there a way around this ?
Many thanks for your help.
Teo (51.3 KB)

Hype sets up a timer to fire when the timeline is completed to draw the last frame. What you’re seeing is the girl suddenly appear because the timeline jumps to the end. But, if it hits a pause timeline action, this timer is normally invalidated so it does not fire.

Adobe’s Dynamic Tag Management system has code which prevents the timer from being cancelled (technically it overrides window.setTimeout() and looks like it must be keeping the timer around. I can only see this as a bug on their part. Regardless, it is bad form to override built-in javascript methods.

I don’t know enough about the dynamic tag management system to recommend a workaround that keeps both systems in tact.

If you have a support/engineering contact at Adobe I’m happy to communicate with them about it.

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately, we don’t have any contact at Adobe.