Adobe Muse is gone

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It’s not gone yet and it won’t go anywhere, I believe they’ll fix it beyond the timeframe they set out for bug and newer os’s .
However, I always knew that app will fade/die out at one point. I’ve struggled with the project manager over the fact that it wasn’t outputting repsonsive designs and that the code was just a mess. Finally when they added responsive functions it was was a buggy mess.

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I went away from all Adobe about 15 years ago when they started toward the subscription model, emphasizing Windows, and the apps went toward the “do all things for all people model”, normal result for that is “do nothing very well”


Every pro I know who wishes to retain ownership of his source documents (his or his company’s intellectual property) is sticking with CS6 while adopting other apps, such as Affinity Photo and Draw.

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I love Krita.



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I looked it up, looks like some sort of “open source” (cue the virtuosity signal) thing.