Adobe Experience Manager and Marketo

Hi all, I'm increasingly being asked by clients to create Hype animations to be embedded inside of Adobe Experience Manager and Marketo-generated pages. Wondering if anyone has had experience doing either and has any helpful advice on how to do so gracefully!


Since no one responded, I decided to investigate...

...and I didn't see iFrame or OAM support when searching. It seems to be more about managing a ton of pictures ..."Digital Asset Management"... there was the content management side, but I didn't see "HTML" mentioned anywhere. It did say WYSIWYG, so that's where I'd look first... is there a source mode?

Both WordPress and Drupal have ways to edit HTML. I looked, but I couldn't find that with Adobe Experience Manager. I did see this...

Apparently, there's a way to build a connector, but that seems designed for other tasks. I'm not sure how that would plug into managing Hype projects. It sounds like AEM needs something like this... Tumult Hype Animations – WordPress plugin |

...but this is all theoretical. I haven't actually used Adobe Experience Manager. This is more about getting conversation going. :smile:

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Thanks so much!

I'm seeing this, which might be a path forward: