Adobe Animate CC vs Hype 3.5

So Adobe finally launched Animate CC today. Has anybody used it yet and if so do they have any comparisons?

Looks powerful from the initial promo video release last year

I am just learning of the Adobe Animate CC software myself (used Flash a long time ago).

Nice to see Hype compared to a multi millionaire company with a tons of dollars spent on development.
I left Edge for Hype

[quote=“TutorialDoctor, post:2, topic:5601”]
used Flash a long time ago
[/quote] this is Edge/Flash reborned with canvas support, probably a nice piece of software.

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I love Hype… what they have been able to do is simply amazing. After playing with Animate CC it is has become apparent I personally will have to use both. Hype is magic when it comes to responsive animations and flexible layouts. Animate has fantastic drawing and masking tools. (All of which work when exporting to HTML5)

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Is all AS 3.0 functionality getting translated correctly, when output to HTML5/JS?

Thanks for the heads up. I used a demo of Flash CC a couple of weeks ago to make a web banner. I have used Flash for about 10 years, so was pleased to see you could pretty much just export an animation as HTML5 with some tweaking of the Actionscript. Im not a fan of their subscription model, so have been slowly moving to Affinity Design and Affinity Photo. But I will probably lease Animate CC as a one off app, and use it along with Hype. But I certainly won’t be getting any more Adobe apps, after using them since 1994. Hype is brilliant, i just need to get my Hype skill level on a par with my abilities on Flash.

I found the ability to easily load image sequences in Flash to be a real life saver. Hoping Hype will have that one day. :smile:

Tried making a new banner with Animate CC today, the client wants a lot of frame by frame animation, so I figured maybe it will work. The HTML5 export exceeded the 200 kb file size limit, doing for Googles DoubleClick standard. WebGL too. SnapSVG export I managed exporting with a file size of 140kb. But there is no JavaScript support, cannot add any Actions within this one. I want the banner to fade to 10% white when hovered.

So now I’m thinking I need to use Hype again, but find a way to use a SVG or PNG spritesheet, exported from Flas.h… Animate CC.

Spent some time playing with new Adobe Animate. It’s the same old Flash with the same Grant Skinner’s JS libraries, albeit hidden under the general UI. Since AS 3.0 doesn’t automatically compile to JS, full Flash functionality is not there. Its ability to generate canvas objects is sweet, and as a character or frame-by-frame animation package it is, of course, light years ahead of Hype, but nowhere close to the Toon Boom Harmony. Like Tumult, they target the high-end game and animation market rather then advanced interactivity. Pity, if this is all Adobe can achieve in more than 3 years.

So the isn’t included in that filesize limit? Because animate seems to export the full create js every time and it’s 200kb by itself…

Also with [FREE DL] How to do advanced masking with Hype and SVG using clippath
The mask sequence I created in flash and exported as svgs, then put into hype that way and it seemed to work for me

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Adobe Animate uses html Canvas element, which is not accessible - you can’t use a screen reader and you can’t insert image alt tags. Big fail for me.