Adobe Alternatives and Companions to Hype

Found out about two more apps that could be used with Hype.

We will replace Adobe products pretty soon.

Pixelmator $99? (29.99 on Mac App Store) (Photoshop)

Sketch $99 (Illustrator)

Principle $99 (After Effects?)

Affinity Designer $50 (Illustrator)

Affinity Photo $50 (Photoshop)


already lovers :heart:
But we are very far from AI :slight_smile:

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Have been using Pixelmator for about 5 years, can’t imagine why anyone would buy (or rent) Photoshop.

Wish I could go out of the dark interface though, I do have a complaint about the size of their icons and tools, they disappear easily on the black background.

Other than that : its great.

But also have Affinity Photo and Designer, much more functional, but don’t have time for a learning curve right now.

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For the price I would stack Affinity Designer up against Adobe’s Illustrator anytime…I also have found it to be much more user friendly, worth the price. Not married to a subscription is the added bonus

I like WebCode (WebCode) as part of my graphics workflow. Briefly, it is a powerful vector drawing program with optimized outputs in many different web formats (HTML + CSS, Javascript, Canvas & SVG). It can also be used to feed its companion product, PaintCode (PaintCode) which Xcode users might be familiar with.

Wow! Only $50 for Affinity Designer? Sounds like a good buy! So would anyone put Sketch in that bracket or something else?

Here’s an article I wrote about this a year ago…

I’m still using an old copy of iDraw (version 2.5.1) as an alternative to Illustrator.

I’ve gone with both affinity designer and photo. I have never used adobe and am pretty much a graphic software beginner. I like them so far. Nice design and intuitive. Much like Hype.

Just when I was beginning to rethink whether or not I purchased right app, Sketch moves to a licensing business model like Adobe.

At least for a year I will get free updates. But their excuse is pitiful. They say the old model is “unfair.”

I wouldn’t recommend Sketch at this point.

I'm not a fan of Sketch, as I haven't used it, but why is this a bad thing? From what I read on the linked article, the software will still work...

Is this a subscription?
No. Once your license has expired you can still use the app for as long as you want. We will not force you to pay again to use it. You don’t have to renew your license if you don’t want to.

Also, iDraw is now known as "Graphic"... ...but I'm still using iDraw.

As for Pixelmator, I'm not sure why $99 is shown. It's never been more than $29.99. (At least, not while on the Mac App Store.) Sometimes it's $14.99... TouchArcade – iPhone and iPad Games

Nice organization though! That's a good update to the first post.

Would that mean that it’s a good way to prototype an app with Hype and then send assets which can be used straight away by programmers?

Hype 3.6.3 is out. While I had the App Store loaded, I decided to see if there was any other interesting software. This was one of the featured apps…

It’s a free download. But apparently, it’s a web app. It doesn’t work offline. (That’s what I read in the older comments.) That’s a non-starter for me, but maybe you’ll like it. (I still use iDraw. Ha!) I was reading the comments and the developer responded. It seems an offline mode is a possibility.

Also, this is cool…

It was released last month and it’s on sale. I was thinking of picking it up, but I don’t really have a use for it right now. It makes me feel like making a cartoon though. HA HA.