Adjusting the origin point for scaling element (similar to the AE Anchor Point tool)

I’ve just stumbled onto a great AE feature, well to be specific its a tool called an ‘Anchor Point Tool’ which allows for defining a starting point of an animation, (from where the animation starts animating) for example if an anchor point is moved to the top of a square, the animation will start off animating from top to bottom or when the anchor is moved to the left centered it starts the animation from left to right… the best part of it all theres no need to rekeying or re-record the frames and the effect is instantly recorded based on where ever one choose to place the anchor point.
That said, Id love to see something like this in Hype one day it’ll def speed up my workflow thats for sure.

In case your wondering Im taking below course on skillshare"Animating With Ease in After Effects V2" and the 8th video says ‘Anchor Points Matter’ is what I’m really talking about.

I don’t have access to the video and don’t completely follow… is the difference that AE’s anchor point position is animatable? Otherwise I’d think Hype’s anchor point would be essentially the same, and you can offset positions by being “off” keyframe while moving. Is there a free/youtube video that shows what you mean?

It doesn’t work the same as AE’s. The video was sent as a dropbox link via email. Kindly watch the video from start to end.
Hype does this looking into it while dragging the motion path and often times it seems like its a trivial thing. AE makes it a bit easy to start the animation or modify an existing key framed animation from from any point allowing for constraining the element to edges.

I don't know what you mean by "this looking into it"... I watched the whole video and could not find any meaningful differences between Hype and AE's anchor point tool. The video he makes is easy to do with Hype.

AnchorPoint (20.3 KB)

Can you maybe make a video yourself showing where Hype falls down?

:smile: :clap: You did the overall end effect. Nice!

Sorry what I meant say was take a look at the starting point where he just started to talk abut the anchor point tool in the very beginning of video he’s able to change the animation so quick by just dragging the anchor point to top bottom left right thereby changing the overall outcome of the animation by snap to edges? Please start watching from time 3:30-4:30.

I recreated using the exact same methods he did. Here’s the identical steps in Hype:

If there’s some difference I’m not seeing that you’re insisting on… again, can you please make a video showing this since I am totally not getting what you’re describing.


I can’t believe my eyes :slight_smile: All this time I was holding down shift for some strange reason never thought it was possible. That said, thank you.

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Command invokes transform mode to let you rotate, scale, and change the anchor point! :smile: