Adjust Video/Animation Speed


Is there a way to adjust the speed of the .mp4 in Hype?

I’d trying to quickly slow down or speed up an exported .mp4

Just wondering if there was a quick way to adjust the overall speed of an animation without having to go back and manually adjust all the layers.


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I just ran into that, where I wanted to speed up for a exported gif or mp4 that shows a drag behaviour that was set at 300%.
But setting up for video export there is no way to replicate that speed.

Would be good if we had an option for setting not only speed for exports but also speed of timeline play similar to what we have in the control timeline action.

( I have set this thread as a request )

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In the mean time, I just managed to do it using VLC.


  • Drop the mp4 into the playlist.

  • Hit the play button and the paused it.

  • Go up to the playback menu and set the playback speed to in this case 3.01x

  • Go back to the video and hit stop.

  • Go up to the File -> Streaming /Exporting Wizard…

  • Select Transcode/Save to file

  • click Next

  • Choose you video in the existing playlist item

  • click Next

  • Transcode video to MPEG-4 Video

  • click Next

  • click Next again.

  • Choose your destination to save the file ( adjust the output name where needed )

  • click Next

  • click Finish

In the playlist you will now see a streaming/Transcode wizard item

  • Select it and hit play.

The new video will now be exported at the speed you set. You can see an example in this post (scroll down a bit )

Note for future video playback in VLC you will need to reset the playback speed.


If you want the exported video as a animated PNG or gif.

Open up a new Hype project.
Drop the video on to the scene.
Adjust the scene background colour and size as needed.

Then use the export as normal.

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Wow cool, thanks

Yeah I’ve been using screenflow to do the trick, but I’d like to just stick to hype if I could

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Same here