Adding UTM links in DCM doesn't work

So first I made test banners. Tested them on doubleclick studio & on the html5 validator, with no errors. All seemed great.

But in the next step… In DCM our trafficking department adds unique UTM links to each banner depending on the placement. The banners don’t recognize the utm link.
Unfortunately for me I made over 40 banners. I really don’t want to have to remake these in GWD.
Can I send one of my banners to see if maybe I did something wrong?


Please do, someone may now about them and how best to link them to the project.

If you put in a placeholder URL in the <head> area this might be easier for your trafficking department. Are you using one of the Export Scripts?

Yes using the DCM export.
So maybe the version I sent you worked. So if using DCM exit, you only put the exit url in the Export Script Arguments?
I was choosing On Mouse Click action Exit, & On Mouse Click action Go To URL, along with entering the URL in the Export Script Arguments.

So with any DCM or Studio exit, the URL goes in Export Script Arguments, and the On Mouse Click action Go To URL option is not used?


Correct. But you can also use a DCM variable in place of that hardcoded URL. No need to do both a Mouse Click and Export Script-generated Exit.