Adding required JS libraries to Hype documents


So I’m still pretty new to Hype and I’m just getting my head around it.

At the moment I’m trying to convert a simple JS script to work with Hype that is dependent on another JS library. Is that possible?

I’ve attached the scripts here if anyone is interested in taking a look. The file called ‘example.js’ is the main script that is dependent on the file ‘poloniex.js’.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My Hype 3 trial runs out in 4 days and I think I’m definitely going to be purchasing. It’s too awesome! :slight_smile: (9.8 KB)



Drag your poloniex.js file into Hype’s “Resource Library” panel. If the panel is not visible:
Select menu “View” > “Resource Library”.

Then note that your poloniex.js file is referenced in the “Head” of your Hype project’s HTML. View the “Head” by choosing the “Document Inspector” (also located in the “View” menu); then click on “Edit Head HTML…” about a quarter of the way down the panel.



Please ensure you drag the scripts in correct order.