Adding or cutting out alpha in video


Is it possible to cut out sections of video in Hype 3.5 pro?

I.e. Cut out a moving head and then lay on top of another image/video??

Any suggestions?



If you are talking about MP4 or any other types of video then this is out of the scope for Hype I’m afraid. You need a professional video editing software.

If you’re talking about the animations that you are making in Hype then there should be a way to do it.

I’m looking to create this type of animation:

Any advice??

Thanks for all your help!

This was probably done in an editor like Final Cut Pro. You cannot edit video in Hype. Only embed it and manipulate it’s playback.

Technically elements can overlay on top of video, but it should be avoided as there are a few major problems:

  • iOS likes to have no elements layered on top of video, and the iPhone specifically wants to play videos full screen
  • HTML doesn’t provide enough mechanisms for highly accurate syncing of animations to video

It is probably better to do this either with video production software like Final Cut Pro, or via code running on a server that can generate this dynamically and spit out an MP4/video the client sees.

Using Hype I can achieve quite accurate syncing of animation with the video! :smile: especially when using the preview.

I agree though. Overlaying is not the best option here especially if you plan on serving to mobile.

Hi Simon!

If You decide to use a video “editor” I would highly recommend Apple’s “Motion” program - it does all the motion graphics heavy lifting for Final Cut Pro - and is only $50.00. The capability You want is called “match moving” which is right up Motion’s alley. Also advised is the “Motion 5” book by Mark Spencer, part of the Apple Pro Training Series… see Chapter 10 “Keying & Compositing” - which covers exactly what You wish to accomplish.

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Hi Jim, That’s a great tip. I have Motion but my instinct was to use Hype! I’ll have a look tonight and view the document.

Thanks for the advice! I may return for some more!