Adding new timeline elements to existing layouts

Hi everyone,

I made a hype document to demonstrate to my clients a window with character bio coming into the scene on click and had already made this for different layout sizes. I added new elements and animations to the desktop timeline layout. When I looked at the other layouts the items did not sync. I need to see if there is a way to sync the elements with animations to the layouts so I do not start from scratch. I’m running Hype 3.5.3 (538) Pro Edition.

Here’s a dropbox link …

The first character Tara, was set up on all the different layout
sizes. I added the rest of the characters but need to distribute them to
different layouts.

Hi @AEVolucion

Think of layouts as having several Hype docs in one. (this is a basic description) Whatever you do in one layout will ultimately have to change in another because of the size difference. Unfortunately, there is no way to do your work in one layout and have it re-adjust automatically to work in another. If there was I would think this would be the holy grail of animation software :slight_smile:

Difficult to give any suggestions without seeing what you are doing. Can you use something like dropbox or another online storage option to share your document?

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Just edited my post with a link to the file.

Timelines won’t sync across different layouts. Layouts themselves can be thought as independent scenes with their own elements and timelines.

If you want content such as Timelines to be synced across different layouts, you can use Symbols. Symbols encapsulate their own elements and timelines. The thinking is that if you can’t put it in a symbol because it is different between layouts, then you probably wouldn’t be able to sync the timelines either! The other option is to copy and paste animations from the timeline.

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Thanks @jonathan and @DBear plus @Daniel. Been copying and pasting for now. I’ll try the symbol for some items.