Adding multiple actions to custom behavior

Hi Jonathan, I thought I should let you know, the Beta version you sent me has a bug, you guys probably found it by now but in case you didn’t here it is, when creating a custom behavior, you can select multiple actions, the first one can be selected without any issues, (in this case it was “jump to scene”), when I try to add a second action (in this case “go to time in timeline”) Hype crashes and instantly shuts down. I Tried the same process twice in a row with the same result, am hoping this can be fixed so I don’t have to return to the more unstable version, but if its a serious issue no worries.

Best of luck,

I can’t seem to reproduce this; do you mind sending me/emailing a screen capture using QuickTime Player’s ‘File > New Screen Recording’? If it requires a specific document I’d appreciate if you could send that along too. Thanks!

Hi Jonathan, as far as i can tell this happens with every project I’m currently working on, been testing it this morning, on adding any type of action to a behavior that already has on1 action attached to it, hype crashes and quits almost instantly.
I’ve attached the following video.

Thanks - it took a bit (I believe you need an existing document and there’s some other circumstances I haven’t quite figured out) but I have a reproducible case now.

As a workaround, it appears that after you set one action, if you change the inspector to something else and back to the scene inspector, it won’t crash.