Adding motion blur to get a 'realistic' result for video export

Ok guys this is a bit of odd one, I did small project in Hype meant for a video output its for the new Sony A7III branded by a retailer. I know what your thinking, why the heck would he use Hype for this project - right? I used Hype because it can pretty much handle video exports and besides all of my image assets were there from the get go from previous web ads.

To my surprise, Hype handled everything well for 1280x720 @60FPS with a few minor exceptions. There was one thing missing in the export process which I would want to see in the future and it is the ability to add a slight motion blur in video exports via a check box. As well as, maybe add a few more selections for frame rate drop down 90FPS and 120FPS which would make videos look smoother since on displays like 2K and Full HD theres in/out transitions noticeable choppiness happening specially on the subtle transition pans and zooms? With everything Im asking, Im aware that Hype was never intended to be used like a video editing app.

The Video was added to the forum vs a traditional download link thanks @Daniel.

Below video doesn’t have any kind of blur added.

I tried to get a slight blur by way of grouping all of the elements and using a blur filter with the lowest settings but that didn’t t produce an authentic result.

Right now, I have to take it into Final Cut and re-export it. But if, hype had something like below it would save me from having to go open, load the video and re-export it again.

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Actually, I can see using Hype for creating videos. It's pretty cool. Although, I'm not sure if it does audio. When I last worked on the project, I had to edit the sound back in.

What I don't understand is why you want to create a video and not simply place the Hype project on the website.

Is this before or after the video blur? I don't know what I'm looking at.

Also, this seems like a job for export scripts. Couldn't Hype create the video and then your video editing software blur it up?

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So the video is meant for retailers affiliates who then use it in their YouTube videos kinda like a sponsored ad sort of thing in between takes? Regarding the sound, I wasn't really looking to adding any kind sound but It would be cool if Hype had audio within a video export!

Right now, It doesn't have a blur its slightly on a choppier side when it comes to subtle faded animations because yes its not meant for video but an average Joe whose watching the video wouldn't care, heck you might not notice it on a 4K display but on 2K and HD you will. Thats where I think the blur will come in handy. Also, Im aware I can bring it into Final Cut and re-export it, but why go through the trouble of opening another application? Only if there was that emulated blur check box added that'd be awesome!

How would this job be for Export Scripts?

Well, it's because Hype isn't expected to have the video editing power of Final Cut Pro.

Isn't Export Scripts for automating advanced stuff like this? I don't really work with video that much, but here's a comparison. I feel that Hype should optimize the images that it exports. So, one of the first things I did when playing with Export Scripts was to have Hype run ImageOptim to compress the image.

So, instead of running ImageOptim, you'd want something that would edit the exported video for you. I'm not sure if Export Scripts work with video though.

Alternatives would be to build an automator app or a watched folder. So, you'd just drag the video over to there, boop, done.

Again, theoretical, as I don't do a lot of video editing these days.

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Thanks for the request.

Export Scripts right now only work with the HTML5 export and not any of the video formats (yes, that’s another feature request to add to the bucket :wink:).

It looks like the command line tool ffmpeg and others might have the ability to do this (I haven’t tried) so automating your work flow might not be too hard.

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Yeah I have one that @Daniel provided for Google Ads I know exactly what your talking about. Im fascinated by the imageoptim script, Is it an automator specific or a export script for hype? Do you mind sharing it ? I’ve used automator in the past - can’t remember what It was for, but yeah good to know.

My notes are in the first post of the Wrapping thread...

I couldn’t figure out how to get Hype Export Scripts working, so I made a separate app to automate the process. It doesn’t use ImageOptim, but it does use scripting to generate the images for the Xcode project.

There are a lot of ways to automate tasks on the Mac.

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Once you install it as a Node app:

npm install -g imageoptim-cli

You can then pass a directory to it:

I am assuming you could then call this in via python in an export script…?

Yup! Or just listen to new files added to a folder using a folder action

Or Drag onto a Automator Action

Or something like this:


Here’s a starting point that I use for SVGs as a Folder Action: (4.6 KB)