Adding html widget with html/javascript from privacy banner system it doesn't show correctly

I need to add a privacy banner on the top of the page that disappear after a click or simple page scroll, using the privacy system.

The code works correctly using wordpress joomla etc.. but in hype3 if I add the html widget with the code, it show only the button with privacy document, but no banner appear on the top of the page.

Also I have tried to add manually in the html file within the body section as indicated from the guidelines but nothin appear on the top...

How to solve this?

Can you share the embed code you're placing and where you place it in Hype? It would also be great to see a test URL where you have this enabled.

If you can share instructions you received that would also be great. It may be that it is being placed behind the Hype content.

Thank you for the support, I wrote to you in private