Adding elements to all layouts


I am new to Hype and have a question about adding an element to multiple Layouts.
I have made couple of Layouts, Desktop and iPhone. When I create an element in one Layout, it does not appear in the other. Just wondering if I am missing something or it’s normal.

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This is normal; Layouts can best be thought of as different scenes. As a convenience elements are copied when the scene is created though. If you want elements to show up in multiple layouts you can create a symbol that exists on the different layouts, and then add the element within the Symbol.

(I do consider it a good feature request to have some sort of synchronization other that Symbols for this task)


Yes, this would be really cool as a new feature if we could sync the elements between layouts, cause this way of adding to responsive layouts is a bit “painful”, so I can easily forget to copy elements across, and then my final design can be easily a chaos…

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Using persistent symbols and scale is still a pretty good workaround. I would rather have a second option that uses one base layout and creates a diffmap for the others (visibility, alignment). But have no thought about how this could be done in a consistent user interface that is still compatible with the current way things are done. First I didn’t like diffrent „branches“ per layout but I came to the point that I rather like it!

Another solution is setting contents based on class. This way you can use placeholder across the layouts and replace them on runtime. Works very easy with text and with the setBackgroudImage feature it also works on images.

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