Adding a generic ClickTag to a banner on Netrefer

We are trying to find out how to add a generic ClickTag to a banner. The ad serving company (NetRefer) do not offer any support for how to implement a ClickTag for their system, which is far from helpful. (921.3 KB)

The only support they offer is how to upload an HTML5 banner to their system. Could anyone make any suggestions on best practices for this?

I'm flying blind with their "documentation" -- do they have a sample HTML5 banner they can send?

Step 10 would cover what you would need to do in Hype:

You need to ensure that the click is handled within the banner itself. The [netreferclickurl] parameter is dynamically generated by NetRefer depending on the affiliate and the media item being used. You can can see this being replaced when you retrieve the tracking code for the affiliate and media item selected e.g.

In your HTML file you have to therefore read parameter clickTag, which in this case will have the value:

You can now use this clickTag value on any clickable link or button within the HTML file.

Do not hardcode the value of [netreferclickurl] within the code, as this is generated dynamically, so will need to be retrieved dynamically. Hardcoding this will mean that the traffic and subsequent activity is not tracked and attributed correctly.

So this means that you need to use the variable clickTag to load your target page. It could be as simple as setting: this up in the 'head html'

var window.clickTag = "";

And then running this function in response to a click on a rectangle in the banner 'On Click' using a Mouse Click action:'clickTag','_parent';

In step 8, it reads: The will need to reflect your own adserver URL. So this leads me to think that the 'clickTag' will be handled by that adserver and you don't need to hardcode anything between the "" above.

300x250_SuperLig_Banner_TR (378.7 KB)

Hi Daniel,

We have been speaking to them for weeks, asking for supporting reference material, but they cannot offer any support. It is the only ad-serving platform who expects you to work blind, it's crazy.

We will try the above, many thanks. It could work with their system, it may not...

We did ask for an example banner for reference and they declined.

That's frustrating :black_heart:

I read the instructions a little closer and it looks like you could probably use this in the 'head' of the Hype document to get the clickTag useable in Hype (this gets the current URL of the embedded iframe and extracts the content after clickTag)

	// extract value after clickTag from current window location
    	var clickTag = window.location.href.split('clickTag=')[1];

Then again the clicked button needs to open the URL in the parent window (since this banner is in an iframe),'_parent'); (380.2 KB)

That's amazing. We have achieved more in 1 day with you than it's taken with their support in weeks. Many thanks, we will try this :slight_smile:


(please note there was a small syntax error of a missing parenthesis in the solution; I have fixed that in @daniel's post)

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Many thanks Jonathan. We have send the exported files off to NetRefer for their feedback.

Thanks again

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To confirm, what you (both) provided worked on NetRefer's system. Many thanks. Hopefully, other agencies looking to do the same thing will find this post as NetRefer does offer any support. Many thanks for your efforts.

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Hi Jonathan,

I appreciate your support last week. Although I thought the issue was fixed, I still have an issue. I was wondering if you could offer any advice?

So, the banner now clicks and opens a href URL. NetRefer do not offer any support when editing the exit URL. Attached is the Hype file again and the HTML, also some notes of our conversations. The crux of the issue is the banner opens the URL:

instead of something like:

Within their back end platform, the banner should be picking up the landing page which is assigned to the banner. I have added a screen shot to my notes.

If you have any ideas I would really appreciate it. NetRefer will not assist.


Oh, I see there was another issue in the solution. Instead of:'clickTag','_parent');

The code needs to not have the clickTag in single quotes. It should be:, '_parent');

This should now work.

You can test the clickTag functionality by previewing in Hype, and then adding something like this at the end of the preview URL and reloading the browser page:

?clickTag= (380.3 KB)

Legend :slight_smile: thanks very much, we will test

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Many thanks for the swift reply :slight_smile:
We have tested the banner again using the updated Hype file you edited.

Here is the iFrame for NetRefer:

This includes the new banner on their server.

We have hosted the iFrame on our UAT server:
When clicked it's still opening up the below link:

Also, when we add the string to the end of the preview URL, it doesn't click for us?


Ugh, yet another typo (serves me right for not copy/pasting), it should be clickTag with a capital T. My bad!


In this case, the iframe src has the appropriate clickTag code though.

It is loading the original incorrect single-quoted version of the ad. You might want to re-upload or invalidate and caching (like a CDN) to try to get this to work.

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Excellent, that works. We have uploaded to the NetRefer platform, we are waiting to hear if that's tracking the clicks etc

Thanks again for your help. Fingers crossed it's all sorted :slight_smile:


Just to confirm, you solved our issue with NetRefer.

If anyone else finds this post when trying to solve the mysteries of NetRefer's support, get them to refer to ticket:

Creating bespoke HTML5 banners with working ClicKTag(NRS-76101)

Thanks again Jonathan and Daniel for your support


Great that all worked. :slight_smile: