Added key frames to a locked object

Just started using Hype 4. Not sure if this is a bug, but it is annoying. I have a locked image object right below a text object. I went to manually add height key frames to the text, but had the image selected instead. Much to my surprise (after trying to figure out why the text key frames were missing) I discovered the two key frames in the image object. I had to unlock the image to remove the key frames. I thought locking an object prevented all changes - if not it should. Does this make sense?


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yes, you can add keyframes to locked elements, but they can not be edited.
this may be useful in some rare case, but i would not suspect this kind of behavior either ... though those keyframes will be empty until you unlock and edit them

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+1 for locked is locked :lock:


I can't think of any reason why this is specifically allowed - likely just a behavior that overlooked checking the lock status. I've filed this as a bug. Thanks!

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