Add Sofpress Exhibeo gallery in Hype


I’m trying to show a gallery made with Exhibeo app, After I export the gallery I have a folder with a html fille with the instructions to add the gallery, with some code need to copy in Head and some more code need to copy in the document (with Widget HTML. in the head lines and body linese before export i modify the filese src= and href= location adding “${resourcesFolderName}/” then export from hype, and after exported i copy the gallery folders inside “hyperesources” folder.

When I opene the Hype 's exported html the content don’t shows properly, in Safari I check with Development/errors console and show warnings only with the CSS file “focus-styles.css” two different warnings in 11 code lines “Invalid CSS property declaration at: *” or “Unexpected CSS token: :”. But in the original gallery files, the html shows a preview of the gallery and works properly.

Please, I appreciate if somebody can help me

Thank you,
hype gallery (2.0 MB)

Hi Bernatbofill! The problem with your hype document is that you have not imported the files into the hype resourcesfolder. What you want to do is go to the hype project, then click on “resources” in the top right corner. From here you will be able to add all the files directly into the project. Remember that you wont need the “/image” path in the inner html since you want to point out directly to the files inside resourcesfolder. The new path would then be:

 <a href="${resourcesFolderName}/news1.jpg"></a>

Keep in mind that if you don’t change the original path of your folders you can easily edit them outside hype, and once you open up hype again it will recognize the new edition of the file and replace it. This will save you a lot of time, trust me :smile:

Didn’t see you were referring to an image. I would recommend using this line of code instead where you can set width and height. It’s hard to see what you want it to look like but if you just need a row of images, place this line after each <li>:

<img src="${resourcesFolderName}/news1.jpg" width="400" height="auto">

I am having the same trouble as Bernat. I am trying to understand, not a coder and even after 15 years, still not much of an html geek, file structures etc. Almost all discussions involving coding HTML go over the heads of 90% of us because we have no background in HTML itself. Like listening to Russian, I understand 20 words, but,

A little background: I have created an Exhibeo Gallery. Have tried two approaches: First; Exhibeo’s html export, which when opened tells me I have to copy code in to inner html (head code) ok with that, but then it refers to “body code” and I have no clue what to do with that. If I understand your previous comment from a year ago, it seems that I could deal with that in the way you described, just move the images to the Hype resource folder. Do I understand that correctly?

The second approach should have worked but does not, maybe it is just fatigue talking, I exported the Exhibeo gallery into a Freeway page, no problems at all there, easily done, uploaded it to my ISP, and assumed there would be no problem linking into an HTML widget in my Hype document. No go. After 4 years in Hype, you would assume I could do that, but have never needed to do it. Don’t you just drop the URL into the HTML widget and go? Does this require a new scene within the document? Or a new timeline? Timeline action? in order to trigger the play. I am thinking this is something simple and obvious, but I am way past deadline on this project. is the gallery, and the URL I am trying to bring into the Hype document;

RLO Fellowship (2.4 MB)

Also if anyone has a good recommendation for a good app that creates good photo galleries, I would appreciate knowing. I can do it in Hype, but it is time consuming…but it does work well, may have to build it in Hype if nothing else.

Hi, here is an example I hope you (748.7 KB)

Yes, it will do the job quite well and I will use it to get this project done. My first thought was that I needed an auto advancing slide show, and I certainly could make it do that. If I have time to do that later I will shoot a version back at you.

With yours I dont have set a timeline for each one, when I think about it there is nothing wrong at all with the manual advance.

Thanks again! Have a great weekend.

I looked at your symbols and played around with putting content in, but at least until I can spend a few hours working out how to do it, I can just do the " copy,step and repeat" method of creating slides as quickly. Going back to the project I started yesterday. I have about 40 slides to make.

I have read the Symbol documentation many times, but all it does is describe the theory of symbols, but does not give any help how to work with them in any detail.

I get how yours work, but until I can spend a lot of time practicing the work flow, the “copy, step and repeat” method is probably quicker.

Obviously you put a lot of time into it, or have developed a far better understanding how you use them, than I do. Great work, though.

Maybe at some point someone will do an actual tutorial on them, a description is not a tutorial. Don’t get me wrong, Hype support is the best I have seen in the 20 years I have been around in this type of business, but there is a limit to what a small staff can do and I get that, being a one person operation myself.

thanks again


Maybe at some point someone will do an actual tutorial on them,

Why not make this request to the Tutorial Doctor ?

Good idea, hope he is monitoring.

RE; my original issue, bringing in an Exhibeo gallery by a URL is solved, I missed the Element Inspector setting for URL’s. Brain goes away when you are way behind a deadline.

hi tkdblackbelt
could you explain to me how did you incorporate the gallery into the hype document? I read the discussion but I did not understand
thank you

I havent continued to use Exhibeo since that time, Sofpress appears to be pretty much out of business although the web page is still up.

I uploaded the gallery as exported by Exhibeo to my server, then linked the URL into the Hype document. Insert HTML widget to bring it into Hype document.

Is that what you are asking?

I tried 3 or 4 different gallery production apps, in the end I have found that it is just easier to create galleries in Hype, especially because there are so many Forum users who have uploaded their versions of galleries that are very well designed, I would suggest that you look at them as a starting point.

My problem there is that relative timelines still kick my butt after all this time, but thats just me, so when I want to modify one of the otherwise excellent galleries that other Hype users have posted, I have problems.

It seems like we all have certain things that we can’t get our heads around. If things slow down, I am going to spend more time understanding the concept. It seems there is always a deadline coming and I dont take the time to learn, ah such is life.

tnx very much Ken
are you very gently.