Add More Options to Advanced Export

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Max wrote:

Please add an option in the advanced exported to set the meta according to each scene-size. Currently HTML head is global also for scene wise export. Adwords wants…

Having more then one banner dimension in a hype document as scenes… makes a lot of editing necessary after doing the advanced export.

Even more flexible would be the much overdue HTML-templates for Hype (much like Flash used to have) so people can start customizing the output for different banner platforms and use special vars in it like in this case {$}, {$export.scene.width} and {$export.scene.height}… etc.
That way one can add stuff based on the scene to each HTML. Templates may be chosen in the advanced export dialog and edited with any external texteditor (just locate them in Library/Application-Support). Later (hype4) one could use the hype editor to edit them but for now just make them available.

Also please add a dynamic custom hype runtime. Allow Hype Pro Users to choose the functions they want. Don’t need scene support and scene transitions because each scene in the Hype-Document is a banner just turn that code off and the runtime gets slimmer. Don’t need touch and swipe or custom behaviors. Even smaller runtime.

Offer a way to export all resources into the same folder as the index.html!

I recently built a banner with GWD and with Hype. Same animation and resources. GWD won in terms of total ZIP-filesize but Hype is generally more fun to work with… so let’s win that battle!

Which could be a great idea. Although, I am feeling more and more that Hype is coming to a crossroads and perhaps it would be good to have different programs that cater for different things. Like webHYPE, adHYPE, etc. So, essentially a spinoff to Hype that only has runtimes that could be smaller and tools specific for that medium. Not sure how complicated this would be. Just an idea :slight_smile:


These are great suggestions! Thanks for compiling @dbear

I wouldn’t like a hype fork. But maybe it’s true… and this is a hard nut to crack in one product. Smaller and other logic in scenes and layouts … rather banner sizes and scenes.

I think Hype is a great tool to draw people in with a simple and straight forward approach. Cluttering the interface should be avoided but some kind of advanced tab, in each section, could reveal options for the pro-users.

I mean looking at Hype 3 is great as it reminds me of the early days in Flash. Learning the app opens a whole world to it’s users … not just web but also ads and more!

For now:
It’s called advanced export. Once a user opens a panel like that one can expects options that require a little knowledge of the matter.

BTW the suggestions above concerning the templates are not ad-specific! Given one can do an advanced export having templates is a great way for pro users to customize the output. It boils down to a folder a normal user would never see (Library/Application-Support/Hype/Templates). I often wished I could edit the body or the head with default libraries. Just write them up in a template … stick in some Hype placeholders {hype.VAR}, {hype.scene.VAR} and {hype.layout.VAR} etc. and next time you start a project or export it choose your own template in the export dialog.

*VAR=different variable names that make sense to be exposed to the template

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One last feature request would be to have a function to attach and destroy library symbols to the stage/scene. This would really leverage the power of visual composing and programatic enhancements.

Remark concerning (2):

Another approach is to offer a set of precompiled runtimes. Normal, Min & (new) Nano!

Normal = All the fancy stuff
Min = Everything but no IE6-9, Physics and fancy future stuff.
Nano = Like Min but even more bare minimum. Only animation and function calls (no scene switching etc.)

Final verdict

Given I had to choose one feature request. I would go for exports templates over the other requests.

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