Add menu hype created in wordpress

I added menu created in Hype Wordpress but not how to make file HYPE buttons make scroll to go Worpress sections on the same page. I’ve searched the forum but can not find anything similar

Thank you very much. a greeting

If I under stand you correctly.

On the menu buttons.

Add the On mouse click action: Go to URL.

Then put in a anchor to the section.

The Section should have an id that would be used as the Anchor.


In the Wordpress HTML

we have a line at the top of a section. We give the line the id. test1

<hr id="test1" style="width: 80%;" width="80%" />

In Hype we set the Go to URL field to this anchor

Thats is. I have tested this in my wordpress and this works.

Thank you very much. I had tried this method but something I did wrong. Now I have reviewed and it works with this method. Thank you. RESOLVED

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